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Corner Office Consultants

2022/23 Workday Compensation &
Market Guide 

Our 3rd Annual Workday Compensation & Market Guide is the 
only one of its kind for the U.S. and Canada ecosystems.

This report provides insight into the different factors that impact compensation, benefits and perks that Workday professionals crave, and a look at popular trends in the ecosystem. 

U.S. Key Findings

60% of Permanent Employees plan to start looking for a new role within the next year.
On average, Permanent Employees received an 11% base salary increase from the previous year. 
43% of Executives at Workday Customers expect their Workday team to increase within the next year. 
76% of respondents are not open for relocation with their next opportunity. 

Canada Key Findings

49% of Permanent Employees have been with their employer one year or less. 
46% work a strict 40 hours a week. 
69% have 3-4 weeks of PTO.
71% of Permanent Employees are open to looking for a new role within the next year. 
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